Friday, August 26, 2016

No Happy Mother's day !

“Kids have a hole in their soul in the shape of their mother.. if a mother is unwilling or unable to fill that hole, it can leave a wound that can not be easily healed...”

I see wounded children and adults... carrying those wounds around, infecting the lives that they share with. Time to time they tend to come back to recover what was missed and ignored... but sometimes mothers’ are too busy to look into their child's eyes and identify the pain they are in !
Some tend to forget that they can’t just leave their children at certain times of life, while some stick to their children and help them gain the best from their lives. I don’t see happy mothers, and I don’t see happy children. 

When I posted this on face book.. on mothers day ! I did not get much of a response. this is the sad truth and the reality


it’s a grey world but I can’t ignore the reality ! The reality in which many of us struggles to escape or forget. 

I see mothers who have to juggle between work and home. They bend all the rules and push tons of heavy working hours, just to free some time to be with their families. Some are forced to leave their careers in order to raise a family. The sacrifices will only end up in a note which says “it’s your duty”. In reality, only few mothers are happy... and the rest of us, just share a grin on face book. (I know there are those who can honestly say that they are happy. this note is not about them) 

I look at the twins we admitted recently through the vaccination clinic... they were 2 months old and still weighed less than 2 kilos. Their picture reminds me of the photos we used to see of malnourished African children. The mother, who was a psychiatry patient herself, didn’t know to care for the babies and needed help. Father, a laborer whom she met while getting treated at a hospital, wasn't at all insightful. They diluted the formula too much and fed them too little. 

I remember the old ladies who had to take care of the kids of mothers who lost their lives or minds ( post partum psychosis or depression) after child birth, or went abroad as house maids or went away to build a new family. They carry a whole lot of weight over their shoulders and can barely escape. They all have a different story to tell. “What you do is so huge and humane” I always tell them, even though none of them are happy to do what they do.

Coming across many kids who's mother or father is abroad or has left them... I see faded smiles... uneasiness in their moods... lots of struggle inside their tiny heads... I see broken childhood... I feel so pained seeing them suffer ... but in hospitals we can do only a little to ease their pain. 
When will it end ? or can we end this pain for our children ? why cant we keep it together for them ? If we mend their childhood it will result in a greater and a brighter tomorrow for the country !

these Mothers , -  who work, stay home, leave the job or take care of their grand-kids... all are waiting for a day to end this exhaustion, the mind pain and uncertainty, and I always wonder why god or karma give so much to those who can’t and give less or none to those who can?

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