Thursday, July 20, 2017

When I was recognized for my social work and media time !

UNFDA, launches their web based media plattform and I was honored to be apart of it as to give my opinion on social media, youth and its use

I feel that anyone with the necessary tools can reach out to the community through social media and we have been seeing that it can improve the socio-economic well being of a community.

Having said that I feel reluctant to say that its an all good deal, but I guess it all depends on the user it self.
If we look at its ability to reach and connect, social media tops the list  it serves as an emergency response tool to form a sort of a highly resourceful communication network during devastating times to mobilize youth and resources. We have seen this during floods, landslides and many incidents and catastrophes that youth with their informative response through social media has formed various kinds of volunteer services and this has helped the community while taking the social services to a greater level

 As a health care worker I find it easy gain attention for higher social issues through social media and I can see the response within seconds to minutes. When I started blogging and writing on the internet I felt that one doesnt have to be a novice to address the public or gain attention to community based issues.
Also as a Healthcare Professional, I myself have utilized social media to call out for immediate responses, and it has proven itself as one of the most effective tools in this regard, especially to mobilize youth for community requirements. 
This data or information we share is not lost. It is retained and circulated. We could always go back and recall or share over and over again and it is within our finger tips.

Even if the Majority of the elderly population is not active on social media, they can be reached through their family members or the mass media which uses social networks as news sources. So as a whole I think the youth is involved in finding solutions to major community based issues through social media as they use it as a connecting tool within resources and information. It has changed many situations and given us a better outcome even though there are draw backs due to false information.
 Of course, I feel I should also remind you that the same features of social media that allows us to make positive change - can make an equally large negative impact if used by the wrong people with the wrong intentions. It's after all a tool, like a knife - which can save a life in surgery or take a life in murder.

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