Friday, June 30, 2017

I'm worried and concerned !

"is there any problem doctor ?"
a troubled mothers ask me during ward rounds...

"hows are the reports ?(hows my child's blood report) another mom asks me.

some even ask me to explain the counts... once in awhile I get a few mothers who are not bothered of whats happening around... and most of them are diagnosed with a psychiatry disorder.
Ever clinic day I worry too much about the referrals we get from Mental health institution... these mothers are inward patients who have post -partum depression or psychosis, some are known patients with psychiatry disorders which have aggravated after child birth.
I am stressed and worried about these kids who end up with no proper care or love from their parents.
Yes ! all most all of these mothers are single parents who are left after pregnancy by multiple partners.
Why cant we have a legal process for these psychiatry patients to have a proper birth control method and follow up ?
why cant we mend the laws to legalize termination of pregnancy for these kind of patients rather than putting the burden of few tiny souls on them regardless of the shitty situation that these mothers undergo in society ! How can we expect the future generations to be healthy if they are not given a proper childhood and growth ?

Most of them are vulnerable to get sexually abused and raped there for we need to revise the laws and make them more permeable to these kind of problems which hits the society in a way that we cant bear.

There are billions of problems in Health sector. So many loop holes we need to repair.
I am concerned and there for I worry !

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