Tuesday, June 20, 2017

; living is heroic...my semicolon story !

"your tattoo looks interesting, what does it mean ? "
I asked the foreign student who was sitting next to me during the lecture.

She had a semicolon tattoo on her left arm.

"don't you know what this means ?" she asked with widened eyes

She told me her story with a brave smile.
"I was growing up with my mother, who was a busy scientist who had a very little time to spend with me. I was a trouble maker at home and school and failed class a few times. when I was 15 I was into many violent acts and a my mother said I was a huge disappointment to her. I felt like killing my self. I did climb up to the roof top of the apartment building many many times but gave up walked to the railway path and still couldn't bear the feeling of losing a life time. I told these troubling, disappointing thoughts to a teacher and she helped me go for counselling and therapy. I survived and this tattoo reminds me of my survival "

yes !
Life is a constant struggle.
Ever one of us go through thousands of hardships each day but what makes us heroic is leaving through these moments when we feel like giving up.

Even though I don't have a semicolon tattooed on my wrist I too have a story to tell.
I studied amidst great difficulties. Problems never left me even after becoming a doctor but my ways of interacting them changed and I didn’t worry much about pain and anger afterwards. I didn’t become a victim of them.

People will hurt you and many will take all that you have gained. they will destroy you and blast you into many tiny pieces but In times like these you’ll learn that you’re strong enough to gather your self up but that doesn't happen in a minute or two. you need to give some time to your own mind to heal. To regret and to heal itself. You will learn the hidden strengths in your soul that you never came across. Yes it has happened to me and to many of us. 

I wanted to tell you how I survive my hectic life with work stress, house hold duties , writer duties and so on.
1. build your own support system. - you need a friendly ear , who can listen to your troubles and daily rumblings but not be a gossiper in the same time. I have a such friends whom we have created a group chat through an app and we tend to share our tears fears and even funny situations we came across throughout the day. that serve like a mind cleansing system where we all support each other verbally mutually as we cant be in one place and discuss.

2. listen to a song, watch a film, draw, bake or do something you love to do and it will take your mind off of the current situation

3. Do not take further actions if you cant make up your mind. Go to a counselling / supportive center or the mental health unit situated in each hospital. If you are reluctant to visit your village hospital you could try the other places. 

persuade your mind that this is not the end. You have survived through many and will definitely overcome this too. 
Or write about it in a diary and one day you will laugh at your self and how foolish you were to give up at that time. 
Yes its not an idiotic to feel this way. At such moments full of immense pain try to hold on ! do not give up
cause I repeat once again... Living is heroic ! indeed

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  1. I don't insult the ones who attempted suicide anymore.